How Rotary changed my career

In June, my company held interviews to fill an opening for manager of our Kuala Lumpur support center. We are a company of over 2,000 employees listed on NASDAQ and worth multi-millions of dollars. The interview was no small thing. A panel of four including our senior vice president judged the candidates. I would not have even considered applying if it were not for Rotary.

Going in, I was a considerable underdog. Several people who applied were my seniors in experience and tenure with the company. Some of them had been working at our company since day one. I was no match for them.

I initially decided to apply for the position just to make my presence known in the organization and to gain exposure and experience. Little did I know that my involvement in Rotary would make me a real contender.

During the interview, in addition to talking about my educational background and technical skills, I shared the many ways I have been involved with my Rotary club and the experience that I have gained. I explained how I have grown both personally and professionally. The leadership qualities Rotary has instilled in me have made me a better person both at work and at home. I was able to speak with confidence as I pitched my ideas to the panel about how I would lead the team toward achieving the goals and targets management has set.

Rotary’s reputation itself added credibility to my presentation, and the panel was impressed. They rated my presentation the best and called it fabulous. Although I walked in an underdog, I walked out a proud Rotarian, convinced of the many ways Rotary has made me a better person.

I am now manager of my organization’s support office in Kuala Lumpur. This would not have been possible without Rotary, which has made me the person I am today. Rotary continues to teach me valuable lessons as I grow my personal and professional skills.

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