About Rotary

Rotary – an international non-governmental association of Rotary clubs throughout the world.

Rotary clubs positioning themselves as non-religious and non-political charitable organizations , open to all countries, regardless of nationality, race, religion or political views.

All administrative Rotary clubs of the world divided into 531 District. The mission of the district is to assist in the administration of the Republic of Ingushetia. Each District may include up to hundreds of Rotary clubs. Authorized representative of RI in each District is managing district affairs – its governor. District annually nominates a new governor, who is officially chosen at a leadership position for a year. Elected the following year the governor has to go weekly training courses. Governor of work is carried out entirely on a voluntary basis and are not paid. The governor most of the year is dedicated to assist the clubs of District. The governor is required to visit all the clubs of District, plan interesting and useful district conference, district assembly to convene for club leaders and keep current administrative affairs.

Zones – major administrative divisions that combine Rotarian The districts for the convenience of management. Zoning principle facilitates the formation of the Selection Committee for the election of the president and the RI Board of Directors. On the basis of area belonging also operates a number of Rotary institutes. On June 30, 2008 in Rotary adopted a new administrative division, according to which all clubs and The districts form a worldwide 34 areas. In one zone included between 9 and 23 districts and an average of about thousands of clubs.

Total movement Rotary brings together 34 thousand. 098 clubs which include 1 million 227 thousand. 366 people .

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