Organization structure

The Rotary Clubs are the basis of the organization. Each club is an independent public organization, according to the current legislation of the country of location that operates in accordance with the Statute and Bylaws of the Club. Rotary International (RI) – international Association of Rotary Clubs. The club called Rotary Club should be registered in RI and get a Charter.

The headquarters of Rotary International is located in Evanston (USA). Coordinating the work of the Clubs in the individual regions is performed by seven regional offices. Regional office RI that serves the Clubs of Europe, Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean is in Zurich (Switzerland).

Associations of Rotary Clubs on a territorial basis are called Districts. In turn, the consolidation of Districts forms the Zones. Today 537 Rotary Districts combined into 34 zones.

Leadership RI is administered by the Board of Directors, where each Director is elected from the pairs of Zones for a period of two years. The Rotary International President heads the Board of Directors.

All Rotary leaders are elected for one year, from the level of the Club’s President to the President of Rotary International. Rotary year begins July 1st and ends June 30th of the following year. Traditionally, the RI President determines the slogan and theme of the year.